Meet the Owner

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Sarah Jakubowski

Sarah has a passion for the performing arts. She grew up dancing in Tigard, Oregon at Westside Dance Academy. During her college years she was a Jefferson Dancer and traveled through NYC and LA several times to take master classes and learn from the best. ​

For over 20 years, she has been teaching in local studios, performed with the Olympic Dance Team in 1996 and coached and choreographed for the Tigard and Tualatin High School Dance Teams. She was honored with Coach of the Year for the Dance Drill Coaches Association of Oregon. ​


Sarah is a pianist and trained for 11 years and she can also sing. Sarah was active in high school concert choir, sang and played at church and has performed in several concerts. 

Meet the Staff


Kara Edal

Toddler Instructor


Jonathan Roberts

Piano Accompanist

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